Yangmingshan National Park

Distance21.3km,Driving time44mins
Established as the third national park in Taiwan in 1985 under the national park law, YMS NP is one of the few NPs in the world that is located nearby to a metropolitan city.

YangMingShan National Park spans an area of 11,455 hectares and contains Taiwan’s largest group of volcanic formations with over twenty mountains, three hundred waterfalls, and large expanses of bamboo forest through an elevation of between 200 and 1120 meters.

The volcanic formations comprise 5 main areas: Datun mountains, seven star mountain, JhuZhi mountain, Huangzuei mountain , and the non-volcanic Wuzhih (five fingers) mountain.

They may not look like volcanoes now, but the over twenty or so peaks that make up the national park are all naturally parts of volcanic cones or offshoots of them. Don't worry, the volcanoes are dormant (the last eruption was 300,000 years ago.)

Just like every NP, there are many trails for you to explore. For example, If you are a hiker who enjoy a little challenge you can choose Seven Star Mtn trail. The entrance is only 10 minutes walk from the visitor center. The distance is around 2 KM from the entrance to Seven Star Park. It would take you around 40 to 60 minutes to go to the park meadow and it is only 1 km to the peak (elevation 1120) from the park meadow. From the park meadow you can return to the visitor center or go to 冷水坑 . There are several trails you can hike around 冷水坑 information center (station).

You can ask for more detail information about those trails at 冷水坑

information center (station) The trail condition is very good but it could be foggy in a cloudy day. It is our recommendation that you always bring snacks and rain gear while hiking.

There are many easier trails such as 二子坪 trail (or butterfly trail). Between March and May, you can observe how butterfly grow in different stages and see them fly.

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